Three weeping willows

A photo collaboration between three like-minded women,

that had a very distinct vision in mind.

Mavka (aka niavka, navka, from Old Slavic nav ‘the dead’).
A mythological female figure,tall, round-faced, long-haired, and sometimes naked. The nymphs known by this term represented the souls of girls who had died unnatural deaths. They were believed to live in groups in forests, mountain caves, or sheds, which they decorated with rugs. They made thread of stolen flax and wove thin transparent cloth for making clothes for themselves.

Valhalla Collection

I’ve been working for some time now on a project, which is the Valhalla Collection. It started of as a small project I gave myself, when I decided to sell some of my artwork on Redbubble. Scandinavian mythology is one of my passions and I decided to incorporate it into my art. Sometimes I draw images, sometimes I find them online or shoot myself and then I assemble everything in Photoshop. I try to stay true to the legend and runes. Each rune is carefully placed and has a meaning.

Concepts for HEmonster

I had a pleasure collaborating with a fantastic band by the name of HEmonster. We end up having so much fun that the guys hired me as their freelance creative director and I can’t be more grateful or happy about it.

Before we got a grasp of the monster –  I experimented. Below you can see some of the concepts that I came up with. Final result is in my portfolio


The wolf girl

“Wolf Girl” is a self-portrait made particularly for UCLA transfer submission. It has been such an amazing experience! I used to work with ink pen before, but this was a full on serious business. There was no room for mistakes, so I had to move slowly – one flower/tree/feature at the time. I liked it so much that I have decided to make a calendar and publish it in 2016. So stay tuned!

In the illustration I am in traditional Ukrainian outfit surrounded by wolves. I think that wolves are majestic and beautiful animals and they have a special place in my heart. I often apply wolf analogy to my mother and my loved one, hence the analogy is in the drawing.

There are poppies in the foreground, which is an unofficial symbol of Ukraine. There is a saying that anywhere a soldier shed his blood – a poppy would grow.  Poppies are growing for killed fighters of war.

There is forest in the background and that is a place where I feel most at home. For me forest feel like magic. Every second something happens, if you pay attention. And I believe that all forests are enchanted.

“I am a wolf girl. Forest is where I am safe. Forest is where I belong. Just like a tree I am strongly connected to my roots. Without them I will fall. I share blood with my people. They shed their blood for poppies to blossom and grow. I have wolves as my allies and protectors. I am part of the pack. I am fearless, but careful. I am at piece, but restless. I am everything I want to be. I am a wolf girl.” Daria Nakelska

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      Wolf girl

The messenger

When I moved to Sweden at the age of 12 I discovered Vikings and the Norse mythology. I used to sit and read about the ancient Greece and Egypt. I knew every god and every conquest; Now it was Scandinavia. Their language, the runes, different gods and creatures – everything looked so new to me and so special. This magical country that my parents have brought me to was becoming less hostile. Day after day I would imagine myself fighting shoulder to shoulder with other brave men and women of Scandinavia. We would plunder cities and then row back home in our ships. My name would be Freja (goddess of love) or Nótt (goddess of night) and I would wear armor just like the rest of the vikings and my hair would be long and braided. In the end I would die in a battle and go straight to Valhalla.

This illustration is one of my tributes to an amazing world created long time ago.

Ravens were always very important in Norse mythology. The most popular ones were Huginn (from Old Norse “thought”) and Muninn (Old Norse “memory” or “mind”) They would fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring information to the god Odin.

IMG_6841 IMG_6842

Scan 12 small

Japanese Collage aka hiding dem holes

After my shelf fell off and took a big chunk out of my wall leaving me with huge holes in it, I decided to create as much art as possible to cover those horrible holes. This is piece numero uno.

I was inspired by a vinyl cover my boyfriend brought from one of his thrift store adventures. I love the vintage lone samurai feel of this cover, so I decided to go for dark reds and gold. I really love working with gold leaf – it makes everything regal/vintage/romantic/beautiful.

I used tracing paper, black marker, white/brown/black conte crayons, acrylic paint and gold leaf.
I used tracing paper, black marker, white/brown/black conte crayons, acrylic paint and gold leaf.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Lovers’ Touch

This work is my tribute to tender and all supportive love. There is so much in the clasp of these hands. Some see an everlasting love, some a last touch before they separate. Some see just a casual entwining of fingers and some two people holding each other through difficult times. I made the hands delibirately unisex, because for me love means only love. It doesn’t have a gender or a race. I loved experimenting with colors and media. I started with a pen sketch, later it became a watercolor/digital design, which then morphed into a pattern. I like each and every one of them.

Women On The Edge

A wonderful project by Monique Carmona. She decided to publish a book filled with very clever, funny and edgy monologues, and wanted me to create a fitting cover. This was an amazing collaboration and I learned so much through this experience.

You can see and purchase the book here

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 2.15.57 PM

Watercolor Ladies

“Delicious” is a watercolor serias of three, which is devoted to the female body. My inspiration was actress and model Monica Bellucci. Her forms are deliciously curvy and soft. She oozes vulnerability, delicacy and femininity. It was a very interesting project, because I had a chance to work in depth with different watercolor techniques and I was able to try watercolor pencils for the first time. It was difficult at first, but later I got so engrossed in it that I lost track of time. I will definitely work with watercolors again! See it whole in my portfolio