Valhalla Collection

I’ve been working for some time now on a project, which is the Valhalla Collection. It started of as a small project I gave myself, when I decided to sell some of my artwork on Redbubble. Scandinavian mythology is one of my passions and I decided to incorporate it into my art. Sometimes I draw images, sometimes I find them online or shoot myself and then I assemble everything in Photoshop. I try to stay true to the legend and runes. Each rune is carefully placed and has a meaning.

Concepts for HEmonster

I had a pleasure collaborating with a fantastic band by the name of HEmonster. We end up having so much fun that the guys hired me as their freelance creative director and I can’t be more grateful or happy about it.

Before we got a grasp of the monster –  I experimented. Below you can see some of the concepts that I came up with. Final result is in my portfolio


Lovers’ Touch

This work is my tribute to tender and all supportive love. There is so much in the clasp of these hands. Some see an everlasting love, some a last touch before they separate. Some see just a casual entwining of fingers and some two people holding each other through difficult times. I made the hands delibirately unisex, because for me love means only love. It doesn’t have a gender or a race. I loved experimenting with colors and media. I started with a pen sketch, later it became a watercolor/digital design, which then morphed into a pattern. I like each and every one of them.

Women On The Edge

A wonderful project by Monique Carmona. She decided to publish a book filled with very clever, funny and edgy monologues, and wanted me to create a fitting cover. This was an amazing collaboration and I learned so much through this experience.

You can see and purchase the book here

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