Concepts for HEmonster

I had a pleasure collaborating with a fantastic band by the name of HEmonster. We end up having so much fun that the guys hired me as their freelance creative director and I can’t be more grateful or happy about it.

Before we got a grasp of the monster –  I experimented. Below you can see some of the concepts that I came up with. Final result is in my portfolio


Women On The Edge

A wonderful project by Monique Carmona. She decided to publish a book filled with very clever, funny and edgy monologues, and wanted me to create a fitting cover. This was an amazing collaboration and I learned so much through this experience.

You can see and purchase the book here

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 2.15.57 PM

Student Show

7862837_orig My work has been featured in Los Angeles Valley College Student Show! Very excited and honored. About my photography: We all carry masks throughout the day, some carry one, some many, but we all do. Question is – who are we underneath them? Sometimes what we project is not how we feel inside, and some very colorful people can be very grey underneath their masks. Are you brave enough to face your true self? w_addb9b98