Japanese Collage aka hiding dem holes

After my shelf fell off and took a big chunk out of my wall leaving me with huge holes in it, I decided to create as much art as possible to cover those horrible holes. This is piece numero uno.

I was inspired by a vinyl cover my boyfriend brought from one of his thrift store adventures. I love the vintage lone samurai feel of this cover, so I decided to go for dark reds and gold. I really love working with gold leaf – it makes everything regal/vintage/romantic/beautiful.

I used tracing paper, black marker, white/brown/black conte crayons, acrylic paint and gold leaf.
I used tracing paper, black marker, white/brown/black conte crayons, acrylic paint and gold leaf.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Lovers’ Touch

This work is my tribute to tender and all supportive love. There is so much in the clasp of these hands. Some see an everlasting love, some a last touch before they separate. Some see just a casual entwining of fingers and some two people holding each other through difficult times. I made the hands delibirately unisex, because for me love means only love. It doesn’t have a gender or a race. I loved experimenting with colors and media. I started with a pen sketch, later it became a watercolor/digital design, which then morphed into a pattern. I like each and every one of them.

Watercolor Ladies

“Delicious” is a watercolor serias of three, which is devoted to the female body. My inspiration was actress and model Monica Bellucci. Her forms are deliciously curvy and soft. She oozes vulnerability, delicacy and femininity. It was a very interesting project, because I had a chance to work in depth with different watercolor techniques and I was able to try watercolor pencils for the first time. It was difficult at first, but later I got so engrossed in it that I lost track of time. I will definitely work with watercolors again! See it whole in my portfolio